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        水瑞人始終堅持以“誠信守真”為立身之本。我公司在生物醫學,食品和飲料,電子電力,冶金和化學工業,新能源材料,高星級酒店和民用集中式安全供水等許多行業和領域都取得了很好的成就。 我們可以為所有行業的用戶提供全方位的“交鑰匙”服務,例如各種水處理設備的設計和制造,安裝和調試,技術服務,項目建設和售后服務。 我公司項目產品分布在國內20多個省,市和自治區,并且還出口到北美,非洲,中東和歐洲。

        水瑞人以“精益求精”為服務之源。不斷開發新技術,開拓新領域,公司常年與中國海洋大學、浙江工業大學、杭州水處理中心等科研院校單位保持技術合作,是美國知名企業 PENTAIR 公司合作商,是國內較早從事水處理技術研發及應用獲得業界認可的水處理知名企業之一。


        浙江水瑞環境科技有限公司      浙江水瑞環境科技有限公司

        Hangzhou shuirui electromechanical equipment co., LTD. Is a comprehensive water treatment company integrating water treatment design and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and technical consultation.

        The company's main products are: pure water equipment, pure water treatment equipment, ultra-pure water equipment, purified water equipment, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, soft water treatment equipment, dosing devices and water boilers, direct drinking water equipment, in domestic sewage treatment, in There are also rich engineering achievements in water reuse and other fields.

        Shui rui people always adhere to the "integrity of the true" as the foundation. Our company has made outstanding achievements in many industries and fields such as biomedicine, food and beverage, electronic power, metallurgy and chemical industry, new energy materials, high-star hotels, and civilian centralized safe water supply. we can provide users of all industries with a full range of "turnkey" services such as design and manufacture of various water treatment equipment, installation and commissioning, technical services, project construction and after-sales service. The company's project products are distributed in more than 20 domestic provinces, cities, and autonomous regions, and are also exported to North America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

        Shui rui people to "excellence" as the source of service. Constantly develop new technology, to explore new territory, the company perennial with China ocean university, zhejiang university of technology, scientific research institutions such as center of hangzhou water treatment unit to maintain technical cooperation, is the well-known enterprise PENTAIR company partners, is the domestic earlier engaged in water treatment technology research and development and application for the water treatment industry recognized one of the well-known enterprises.

        Shui rui people to "realistic innovation" for the soul of development. Always provide the most scientific, the most reliable, the most practical refined products and services for every customer one-stop water treatment services. Welcome friends from all walks of life to hangzhou tourism, visit  visit guidance!